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Resident Essentials - Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Resident Essentials sell? Resident Essentials sells a wide variety of high-quality personal needs items for individuals residing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, board and care homes, and in their own homes. Our product line includes: Recliners, Clothing, Wheelchairs, Electric Lift Chairs, Electronics – TV’s & radios, Electric Beds, Furniture, Room Furnishings – Throws & Wallhangings, and Scooters.

Do we need to set up an account to order from Resident Essentials
? It is NOT necessary to set up an account to start ordering from Resident Essentials. Most individuals order via phone (toll free) or email/fax the order form included in the catalog.

Don’t see what you need online or in our catalog
? We work with over 50 quality manufacturers and cannot show all of the products they produce. So, if you do not see it in our catalog or website, CALL US! What you need may be available immediately from one of our many manufacturers.

Why should I buy from Resident Essentials rather than going to a retail store
? Many of our items, which have been designed for our customers, are not available at retail stores. For example, we manufacture smaller scale recliners covered in moisture-barrier, flame retardant fabrics to meet the space, ease-of-cleaning, and regulatory requirements in a long-term care setting. Our adaptive clothing is designed for individuals who need assistance dressing and is not readily available at retail stores.
Another reason to buy from us is our Personal Shoppers. We provide concierge style ordering services to help caregivers meet the diverse needs of their residents. From finding a specific item that is not featured in our catalog to putting together your order so that it is color coordinated…we are always looking for ways to help caregivers provide solutions to the unique situations that their residents, clients and family members face. Resident Essentials provides additional FREE services including name labeling of all clothing and electronics. Additionally, many Guardians like the "one-stop shopping” that we provide.

Can we get FREE merchandise for our clients who are not able to purchase from Resident Essentials
? Yes, our Rewards Program enables individuals, facilities and agencies to earn 5-10% FREE merchandise for all purchases. See our full description under REWARDS PROGRAM.

Can Resident Essentials ship merchandise to one location and send to another for payment
? Absolutely. This is our most common practice with family members, guardians, conservators and social workers.

Is Sales Tax charged on my orders
? No. As a mail order company, we are not required to charge sales tax. The exception being orders shipped to MA and MO.

How long has Resident Essentials been a provider
? 18 years.

What if I don’t have complete information regarding my client’s needs? We are happy to coordinate with on-site staff (eg. social workers, therapists) to determine which items, sizes, colors, etc. would be most appropriate for your client.

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Resident Essentials is your one-stop shop for nursing home needs such as adaptive clothing, Velcro shoes, nursing home furniture, medical recliners & geri chairs, nursing home beds, handicapped clothing, and senior clothing - all of which can be purchased to help with Medicaid spend down.

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