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Terminology & Helpful Information About Recliners & Lift Chairs:


Chaise Recliners - when footrest comes up there is no gap between seat and footrest. Provides continuous support, safer than a traditional recliner with gap.

Rocker Recliner vs. Wallaway - A rocker recliner will have a gentle rock when in the "upright” position, requires about 12-15” of wall space behind it when it reclines.

Wallaway- does not have the rocker feature, but it is space-saving (sometimes important in a nursing home due to limited space), and only requires 3” of wall space behind it.

Power Recliner- Recliner has a button (instead of handle). User presses the button and the recliner electronically reclines/returns to upright position. Needs to be plugged in.

Lift Chair Recliner- Recliner will have a wand/remote that allows the user to automatically place the chair in either the recliner position or the lift position. Needs to be plugged in.

Vinyl Material- Flame resistant and is a complete moisture barrier (i.e. liquid will not pass through vinyl and ruin the chair). See flammability ratings.

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Resident Essentials is your one-stop shop for nursing home needs such as adaptive clothing, Velcro shoes, nursing home furniture, medical recliners & geri chairs, nursing home beds, handicapped clothing, and senior clothing - all of which can be purchased to help with Medicaid spend down.

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