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Adaptive Clothing & Dressing Issues


Resident Essentials is committed to providing you with the most comfortable, durable, and easy to use adaptive clothing. Sometimes life presents challenges, whether that be a stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, incontinence, Parkinson's Disease, or other limiting conditions. These can sometimes make it difficult to dress and undress without assistance. Adaptive clothing makes this process easier.

Our adaptive clothing for both men and women features easy to use snaps and or zippers down the back or side of the garments. These allow the wearer to more easily insert their arms and legs into the clothing, without having a wide range of movement. The person assisting simply opens the snaps or zippers, positions the openings so that the wearer can easily insert their arms and legs, and then closes the snaps or zippers, for a dignified, stylish outfit.

Some of our clothing has cut-away designs. From the front, these items look like any other piece of clothing. From the back, they have a section that has been cut away to assist caregivers. These are often ideal for wheelchair users or those who spend most of their time seated or in bed.

While much of our adaptive clothing is designed to facilitate dressing and undressing, other items are designed to prevent unwanted disrobing.  We carry jumpsuits for men and for women.  These feature rear zippers and snaps that allow the caregiver to dress and undress individuals at appropriate times without having to worry about them undressing themselves. 

We stock a wide range of both traditional and adaptive clothing.  If you are unsure what the best solution may be for someone you care about, call us and our industry experienced order takers can help you solve whatever dressing issue your resident, client, or loved one may be facing.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Resident Essentials is your one-stop shop for nursing home needs such as adaptive clothing, Velcro shoes, nursing home furniture, medical recliners & geri chairs, nursing home beds, handicapped clothing, and senior clothing - all of which can be purchased to help with Medicaid spend down.

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